Whiteslash The Wolf

The Lone Wolf from the Planet Cybernia.

Whiteslash the Wolf (a.k.a. GaoTokusouHunter, D.A.W.G.G. Agent 012, TokusouHunter, GaoTokusouWhite, TokusouWhite, Chogokin Senshi Gaoman (Translation: Super-alloy Warrior Gaoman), or Agent Lone Wolf) is D.A.W.G.G.'s only agent who's not classified as a true life form.


GaoTokusouHunter Armor

Whiteslash's armor.

Whiteslash was born as an artificial life-form 3,000 years ago on the planet Cybernia. He was the leader of a team known as the Gaotokusouldiers. Now, he's the only one of his kind left. He was in suspended animation for 3,000 years. After he awoke, he became a complete mystery (even to himself). His only weakness is the fact that he can't remember his past. All he remembers of it is the powers he has, how to use them, and who's side he's on.


Whiteslash is a Loner, an ancient warrior, very mysterious, strict, honorable, dark, and brooding. Although he joined the Tokusouldiers, he seldom fights with them. He prefers to fight as an independant hero. He is currently D.A.W.G.G.'s only agent who goes on his own mission and takes orders only from himself. This often describes him as the agency's "Lone Wolf Agent." Nevertheless, this renegade is willing to assist the team whenever they need him. He always fights with honor. The one thing he fears is the dip (like all toons).