Tyrone the Mole and Dog Hybrid

The Young Digger.

Tyrone the Mole/Dog Hybrid (a.k.a. Kakure Green) is the green warrior of Dengeki Sentai Kakureman and the youngest member of the team. His mother was a dog and his father was a mole. He has his father's front claws and hind legs as well as his mother's face, tail, and front legs. His claws give him great digging powers (which he calls his, "mole power"). His mother raised him above the ground so he's used to being in the light. However, if he should come out of the ground after being underneath it for so long without light, he would be blinded temporaraly. However, if he's in such a state, what he lacks in vision, he makes up for in dog smelling and hearing power. Because he's the youngest of the Kakuremen (being 17 years old), he tends to lose confidence in himself when facing bigger monsters. His teammates (save for Jessie) belittle him just because he's different and the fact that he's the youngest.