Tracy the Tank Engine

The TokusouSteamer.

Tracy the Tank Engine (a.k.a. TokusouSteamer) is a trusted railway ally of the Tokusouldiers and Bernie's closest friend. She is the daughter of the Little Engine that Could. She looks like her mom, only stumpier. Like Bernie, she is a toon train who's loyalty made her an honorary Tokusouldier and their primary (or in her case, secondary) mode of transportation.


Tracy is loyal, optimistic, brave, funny, determined, and selfless. She gets along with Bernie just fine, unlike her mom who holds an unyielding prejudice towards Casey Jr. (Bernie's dad). While her mom and Bernie's dad are rivals to the end, Tracy and Bernie get along really well. The reason the two get along so well is because they don't have a reason not to. Tracy and Bernie aren't too fondof their parents' arguments. The parents argue to no end about who's better (even to the extent of making the kids race each other to see whho's better). In the end, the races always end up tied. Nevertheless, Tracy's mom and Casey Jr. continue to begrudge each other to no end. Regardless of their parents' grudges against each other, Tracy and Bernie get along just fine, for they haven't a reason not to. Before she first left her trainyard in the Toontown Mountain Railroad, she was a downer because the other engines mocked her for being a switch engine. After she proved her worth to the Tokusouldiers, she also proved it to herself, gaining enough optimism to look on the bright side of life no matter how much the other engines belittle her. Like all toons, she fears the dip.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Bernie, Tracy is capable of Photon Rail Reproduction. Unlike Bernie, Tracy can't travel through mirrors.