Takashi Kuso

The Green Snob.

Takashi Kuso (a.k.a. TokusouGreen) is the fourth member of the team. He, like Kyoya, is a sixteen-year-old graduate from the National University. He will debut in Episode 4: The Green Snob: Enter, TokusouGreen!! and will be voiced by TheCameronInc.


Takashi and Kyoya were both inventors from the national university that graduated the same year (granted that their I.Q.'s were both equal). However, after graduation, Takashi continued his studies at home. After a few days went by, he was abducted by E.V.I.L.E. He learned their intensions and fought back, only to be saved by Brandon, Ryotaro, and Kyoya. After he proved his worth, he joined the team as TokusouGreen. After Mei joined, she became the apple of Takashi's eye. He would often
TokusouGreen Armor

Takashi's armor.

flirt with her, which usually results in being kicked in the junk.


Takashi is arrogant, pig-headed, reckless, intelligent, and brave. He considers himself the lady's man of the team (which is the exact opposite of true). He mainly uses his sophisticated vocabulary to hide the fact that he has no idea what he's doing or what's going on. Despite his arrogance, he still fears the dip (like other toons).


Green Battlemech

Takashi's Battlemech.

Takashi pilots the Green Battlemech.


Individual MechaMonEdit

  • FalconMech

SympaLinx MechaMonEdit

  • KaiserMech (LionMech+FalconMech)(Shared with Kyoya).
  • GriffonMech (FalconMech+TigerMech)(Shared with TokusouOrange).

Auxiliary MechaMonEdit

  • HummingBirdMech
  • CargoPlaneMech

BioFuse ArmorEdit

  • MantisMech (Takashi+FalconMech).