Spectrum Sentai Coloranger

The Visible Light Spectrum Squad.

Spectrum Sentai Coloranger
(a.k.a. Spectrum Squadron Coloranger) is yet another fan-made sentai team developed by MrBLUERANGERHERO. This one harnesses the power of the light spectrum. Each members' power differs depending on their color:

Blue-Light Water.


Red-Light Fire.


Yellow-Light Thunder.

They can also combine their powers in different ways to use different attacks:

Red's combos:

Red+Blue=Violet Steam Burst.

Red+Yellow=Orange Spark Flare.

Red+Orange=Red Orange Solar Blaze.

Red+Violet=Red Violet Lunar Beam.

Blue's combos:

Blue+Red=Violet Steam Burst.

Blue+Yellow=Green Hurricane Blast.

Blue+Violet=Indigo Lunar Wave.

Yellow's combos:

Yellow+Red=Orange Spark Flare.

Yellow+Blue=Green Hurricane Blast.

Yellow+Orange=Gold Solar Thunder.

Orange's combos:

Orange+Red=Red Orange Solar Blaze.

Orange+Yellow=Gold Solar Thunder.

Violet's combos:

Violet+Red=Red Violet Lunar Beam.

Violet+ Blue=Indigo Lunar Wave.

Three-way combos:

Red+Blue+Yellow=Thunder Steam Burst.

Red+Violet+Blue=Lunar Steam Wave.

Red+Orange+Yellow=Solar Thunder Flame.

Ultimate combo:

Yellow+Orange+Red+Violet+Blue=Rainbow Nova.