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The Spunky and Doubtful Realist.

Sawyer Cat, the most courageous, determined, and spirited member of the team. Sawyer is often the more serious, sarcastic member of the group though not everyone takes her very serious. Still, she's the type of girl who's not afraid to get dirty whenever a conflict comes up and men learn the hard way when they make her mad. The only thing that scares her is the dip (which is understandable for toons).


  • Sawyer is the only Bistoranger (female or otherwise) to use Brandon's Samurai Mode Power-Up. However, it only took her one battle and powering straight down to her civilian form without releasing all the extra energy first to realize that she bit off more than she could chew by deliberately using Samurai Mode without Brandon's approval and she agreed never to use Samurai Mode again.