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The Freakshow.

Name: Ryosuke "Ryo" Vulpes

Rank: Good Guy Commander

Ability: split his body into separate parts. Also gives immunity to slashing attacks.

Species: Fox/Echidna (Usually refers himself as a husky in order to love Brandy, but that doesn't fool anyone.)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Ranger Form: Bur-Rider 2! Sargent Blue!

Eyes: Dark Green

Fur Color(s): Red, white [muzzle]

HairColor(s): Red (fur)

Digimon partner: Guilmon

Friends: Dave Felis and Masami Hedgehog

Bio: Ryo Vulpes, the hybrid member of the team (Fox/Echidna), described as a wild and crazy warrior. Ryo is not the sharpest tool in the shed, usually rushing into a battle and is the risk-taker of the group. Ryo is also the guy who mainly gets hurt (As seen after a brutal squash fight with Ratigan) but he's also a kind character and he's deeply in love with Brandy (the Running gag for him is he tries to go on a date with her but usually backfires). Personal Vehicles: Autobot Vehicle/ Autozord Prowl (Animated)(Forms the left arm of Daijinoh Knight Mode) Aerialbot/Aerialzord vehicle Air Raid (forms the Left leg of Aerialbot Combiner/Aerial Megazord Superion) Protectobot/Protectozord Streetwise (forms the left leg of Protectobot combiner/Protecto Megazord Defensor) Technobot vehicle/Technozord Strafe (Forms the Left arm of Technobot combiner/ Techno Megazord Computron)