Ratchet Robot

Ratchet's true form

Medical Expert Autobot Ratchet (a.k.a. TransformMedic Shell and Medimedic (as called by Lucas)) is the Autobots' medibot who was the one responisble for the Transformranger's powers. He appears in the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy and will be voiced by TheCameronInc


Ratchet has been around since the Great Cybertronian War. His years of existence has given him a great amount of experience.

Ratchet Veichle

Ratchet's vehicle mode

During the events of the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy, Ratchet was assigned by Cameron to resuce  the team. Now, Ratchet wasn't too fond of the idea, but he knew better than to question the creator of Optimus Prime and Elita-1. The fact that he had to socialize and cooperate with an organic to become TransformMedic made him even less fond of the idea. After Luke fused with Ratchet and defeated Astrotrain, Ratchet learns that the idea wasn't as bad as he thought and accepted his destiny as the Transformrangers' bodyguard.

After the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy, Ratchet contiunes to assist the Transformrangers in their war Between the Decepticons.


Ratchet can be a bit short-tempered, irritable, antisocial, and a bit of a grump. He's not to fond about interacting with organics, but reluctantly does so when assigned to do so by Alpha Trion. Ratchet's by-the-book procedures and methods often contrast to Luke's antics, which nearly drive Ratchet to the brink of insanity. Although Ratchet doesn't fully understand organics, he tries to make them look up to him. After fusing with Luke and defeating Astrotrain, Ratchet has a change of heart and becomes more sociable and gladly accepts his destiny as the Transformrangers' bodyguards and the armor of TransformMedic.


  • Just like the main Transformrangers (including special ones)  Ratchet's the eyes glow red when Ratchet is talking, showing that he is still at least semi-sentient when fused with any life form
    TransformMedic 2.0

    Ratchet's Autobot suit (TransformMedic)