Needlenose Crossbow is a toon crossbow used by Brandon whenever Buster isn't available.


Needlenose is honest, brave, eager to please, and funny. Like all toons, he fears the dip more than anything else.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Needlenose can fire various arrows from his nose. The arrows he fires each serve different purposes.

Standard ArrowsEdit

These arrows are, as the name implies, regular arrows.

Drill ArrowsEdit

These arrows have special drills on their points that spin to keep the arrows flying and cause additional damage to their victims. They have special On-Board Alignment Recognition Systems (or O-BARS for short) so they only affect villains.


These arrows are specially designed to explode on contact. They're O-BARS ensures they only harm evil.

Styrofoam ArrowsEdit

These arrows are designed for training purposes only.

Punching ArrowsEdit

These arrows can be used for both simulated and real battles. In Training Mode, they aren't very powerful. In Action Mode, they deliver powerful knuckle sandwiches.