Michelle Acorn

The Cousin of Sally Acorn.

Princess Michelle Acorn (a.k.a. TokusouSwan) is one of the newest Tokusouldiers and their 16-year-old messenger. Despite her status as a rookie, she has proven herself to be quite competent. Her primary weapon in civilian form is a feather duster that makes those who inhale the dust from it go unconcious. She is inspired by Sally Acorn and is said character's earth-born cousin.


She was the cousin of Sally Acorn, but was born on earth. When she was 16, she joined D.A.W.G.G. to help combat E.V.I.L.E.. During her training, she proved herself skilled enough to be one of the Tokusouldiers. After proving her skill, she revealed that she had already made her own TokusouldierArmor.
TokusouSwan Armor

Michelle's Customized TokusouldierArmor.

There, she revealed her power as TokusouSwan, the Warrior of Fate.


Michelle has proven herself to be quite competent in terms of technology and combat. She has also proven herself extremely loyal, brave, and friendly. Despite being a princess, she is willing to take orders from Brandon, even though she out-ranks him in terms of society, proving that she is very humble. She's also an expert at stealth. Like all toons she fears the dip more than anything.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Michelle has excellent combat and technology skills. Like all toons, she is immune to physical abuse but not dip. She has also proven herself to be a great swimmer.




​Individual MechaMonEdit

  • SwanMech

​BioFuse Armor ModeEdit

  • RoyalAngelMech (Michelle+SwanMech).