Megatron Healing Cacoon form

Megatron's temporary healing cocoon mode

Name: Megatron (Transformranger Universe) DECEPTICON EMPEROR

Allies: Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Knockout, Decepticon Amry, Vehicons, Well Done

Enemies: Transformranger

First Appearance: Henshin Sentai Transformranger #1

Returns: Dave Felis vs Sly Cooper Trilogy


Megatron is the Decepticon Emperor that was orginaly going to have the title Prime, But Orion had a speech that made the councils choose to elect Orion. Later He team up with a few Secret Cybertronian terrorist orginzations to form the Decepticons. When Megatron killed Orion he had created his rival who became the leader of the Autobot sub group Team Prime Optimus Prime. After the remaining Decepticons and Team Prime landed on earth, thire war still continues. One day Megatron created a weapon of massive destrucion then later Team Prime came in and destroyed the weapon but somehow it made all Decepticons and Team Prime small but thanks to their small bodies the Decepitcons were able to make the Autobots weak but Optimus did Fire at Megatron that made hime even more weaker. After all the damage that has happen Megatron spends his life in a healing cacoon untill he is fully restored. Later Megtron discovers that the Dark Energon can also make a Cybortronian back to it's orginal size. But Megatron says to not waste any energy since there isn't enough Dark Energon. A Veichon later found some Dinosaur Bones and Fosils that gave Megatron an Idea to create DinoBots. Megatron Ordered Starscream to steal a Autobot Human suit and they only took Ratchet's MediBonder and modify it to become the Dino Gantulet. Megatron who was finally healed was able to work on this project as he created Grimlock, Slug, and Swoop. Grimlock was the first to talk and say that he want the Dinobots to have their own symbol so Megatron did that. As Megatron was able to test this power it was stolen by a unknown person. 

==Dave Feils Vs Sly Cooper

Megatron's first suit (TransformSilver)

Transformkiller 2.0

Megtron's 2nd suit (TransformKiller)

Taing place before the Dinobot saga. Megatron teams up with Well Done for a plan of world domination and the destruction of Team C.A.T by creating a clone of Cameron. Later the Decepticons betray Well Done's group as saying they were too silly looking and they only need their technology. But Well Done was sneaky enough to steal some Dark Energon. Later as Megatron's ship the Nemisis leaves the world of Dave Feils he leaves everything to Astrotrain.