Marty the Tugboat

The Harbor/Switcher/Ocean-Going/Railway Tug for the Tokusouldiers.

Marty the Tugboat (a.k.a. TokusouOcean) is a young toon tugboat who works for the Tokusouldiers and is their oceanic mode of transportation. His loyalty made him an honorary Tokusouldier.


Marty's history beyond his debut is unknown, although Brandon mentioned that he and his team saved him from a ragtag group of drunk toon pirates.


Marty is loyal, salty, brave, and funny. He is also quite strong, as he is able to pull ships up to 10 times his size. He knows the ocean better than most of the Tokusouldiers, making him the most sea-wise D.A.W.G.G. Agent. His bravery also makes him a tad reckless, for he faces sea monsters with little regard for his own safety and the safety of others. Despite his bravery, he, like all toons, fears the dip more than anything (aside from Davey Jones' Locker).