The Mentally-Deranged Psychopath of The Bird Patrol.

Maniac is the mad scientist of the bird patrol. As his name implies, he is completely insane. His weapons are a bunch of booster shot needles that he uses as darts, a yellow straight razor, and a switchblade with a yellow hilt and yellow accents on the blade (although he never used the switchblade, as it was only shown falling out of his pocket when he died). He is the last member of the bird patrol to die, but not because he lost control of his laughter, but because his laughter threw him off balance, dropping him into the rotating brushes on the DipTank. As his spirit rose, it was revealed that he was still a demented wacko even as a ghost because he said, "Bye, Bye!" and burst out in psychopathic laughter as he set the cannon on the DipTank to rotate back to the Tokusouldiers that were chained and hung over a barral of dip before his spirit faded away.