Katrina Lightship

Name: Katrina Lightship
Age: 16
Species: Harbor/Lightship/Railway Tugboat/Toon
Family: Lillie Lightship (adopted mother)
Personality: cute, kind, generous, honest
Weapons: Trident- cannon
Alignment: Good
Likes: The sea, sailing, towing ships
Dislikes: Being thought of as "useless" by others, the dip, pirates, troublesome buoys, dragozaurs, baireno
Special Powers: being able to fire bubbles from her smokestack. She has a light on her hat, and she activates it only on weather conditions or at night.
Enemies: E.V.I.L.E., Pirates
Allies: Team C.A.T., D.A.W.G.G., and anyone serving the good
Friends: Marty the Tugboat, Dave, and other Team C.A.T. crew
Codename: BistoLiner (she's an honorary Bistoranger and their oceanic transportation unit)

Bio: Katrina Lightship is a young toon tugboat who works for the Bistorangers and is their oceanic mode of transportation. She uses a bubble-themed attack on her enemies which she calls "Bubble Blast" and can also do a "Flipper Storm". She has discovered of being the 91st descendant of Princess Theoun-Ic, ruler of the oceans of Mugen. Like all toons, Katrina greatly fears the dip and goes to great lengths to avoid it.