180px-Jack 3-1-

The Love Interest of Cleo Felis.

Jack Porter, The Friend of Dave Felis

Animal: Cat/Racoon Seijuujin

Love Interest: Cleo Felis

Ability: He can make any part of his body explode whether it be hair, mucus, or breath.

Likes: Pizza, Dave Felis and his friends, Awesome Things, Riding Vehicles, Becoming WWE Champion, Crushes, Marriage/Weddings, Toons, The Three Stooges, Cartoons, and Movies.

Dislikes: The Toad Empire, The Smoke, The Dip, and Dead Villians

Weapons: A Nunchuck Baseball Bat, A Heat Seeker Laser Gun, and A Gold Shield.

1st Appearance of Jack Porter: "Dave Felis and Tweety's High-Flying Adventure".