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The Leader of Team C.A.T.

Dave Felis is a Mobian Fehl, and leader of the Bistrorangers. His digimon are Renamon and Gaomon. He later became leader of the Platoon named Team C.A.T. (Crazy Animal Taskforce) and being the only main character to not being the one who watches the whole incident and not fight. Unlike his yellow stuff bear friend, he is calmly thin and able to morph into BistroRed.

Dave Felis' AdventuresEdit

In this series, the story is more different than Pooh's Adventures as Dave becomes the more mature protagonist than the silly old bear Pooh. In this one, Dave, his digimon, and his siblings were following the Fehl herd to 'Sanctuary,' but got lost on the way.

Bistoranger FormsEdit

  • BistoRed/BistroRed
  • Super BistoRed/Super BistroRed
  • GallantMon
  • GallantMon Burst Mode (GallantMon Crimson Mode)

Autobot ZordsEdit

Optimus Prime Animated


Savage Sphinx
Dave as a feral sphinx

This is why Dave was judged before they even know him and why Dave was feared by all who fear the Sphinx.


  • Dave didn't appear in Pooh's Adventures of The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter, until a script change on Matt and Metalgarurumon's appearance in the woods to Dave Felis and Renamon's appearance because of HunterXColleen2 forbid Legoland1085.
  • Dave was originally Sawyer's nephew, but was scraped.
  • In the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy, it was revealed that he wields the Seijuujinblade, similar to how Brandon wields the Toonblade.
  • Dave also used to be afraid of colorful talking ponies, but Brandon and Marina Aquahooves were able to help Dave overcome that fear.
  • After Brandon, Dave was apparantly concern of him being the leader despite being blue. However, Dave overcomes this when Brandon reminds him that there were some non-red sentai leaders. However, Dave also had to deal with the irony of red heroes in Japan after Brandon points out that red means evil in Japanese culture.